Downing Children's Garden

The Downing Children’s Garden is an educational, imaginative, interactive and engaging environment where families can enjoy, discover and appreciate our natural world. Whether it’s playing in the monster woods or watching the colors change on the rainbow, the garden is a magical place for kids and kids at heart.

Reflective of our Kansas roots and landscape, children and their families have the opportunity to explore more than one acre of themed areas, each offering educational and entertaining experiences.

The Downing Children’s Garden delights young and old alike with one-of-a-kind elements, an amazing palette of plants to discover and fun encounters around every corner. A farm with raised beds and a working water pump, a giant tree and tree house to climb in, an enchanted glen for storytelling, puppet shows and chalk drawing, a musical maze to navigate through, monster trees that have come to life and a pond to hop across are just some of the features that will stimulate young minds.

Through the collaborative efforts of so many, gardening and outdoor activity now have the opportunity to become a part of our children’s lives. Take a closer look at the map and see what all there is to discover.

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